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Cable entry system, type KDL/E+ - Murrplastik

The KDL/E+ represents the 3rd generation of Murrplastik cable entry system, being the perfection of KDL/E. During the development, are significantly improved the protection class, flexibility and stability. With the consistent expansion of sizes and accessories.

KDL/E+ is a completely splittable, stackable and stable cable entry system with high density and good strain relief for cables with connectors. 
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Murrplastik Systemtechnik (Oppenweiler) presents the new cable entry plates, KDL/E+, for ultra-durable deployment in extremely tough industrial environments. Everywhere, in fact, where high mechanical stresses, moisture, acids, lyes, alcohols, mineral oils, fuels, greases and dust make life truly difficult for any piece of plant or system component.

Although KDL/E already satisfies protection class IP54, Murrplastik goes even further with the KDL/E+ model: protection class IP65 is now also possible as a retrofit option even for completely separable systems. These cable entry plates can be deployed at temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +100 °C, are UV resistant, also have fire classification V0 (acc. To UL94), and fire properties acc. To EN45545.
  • Even quicker mounting of pre-assembled cables;
  • Snap in, meaning screwing on is no longer absolutely necessary;
  • Catch hook for 1.5 – 2.0 mm plate thickness included with delivery, additional catch hooks for up to 4.1 mm plate thickness available;
  • Fits standard cut-outs for connectors (e.g. Harting, Wieland and Rittal);
  • EMC solution with discharge plate, simple realization;
  • Matching grommet: KDT/ZE and KDT/ZE+, from 3 up to 32mm hole diameter;
  • Approved for railway technology.
  • Higher density & strain relief: the additional frame provides a better and more stable compression of the grommets with the multiple screw connection. This provides higher density and strain relief;
  • Better cleanability: the edges of the frames are more rounded and the surfaces are smooth. There are no dirt edges because the frame and grommets are aligned on the front;
  • Higher packing density & variability: it enables individual solution options through additional, stackable center parts as well as different standard and special grommets;
  • Quick assembly & maintenance: as it is a splittable system, the connectors do not have to be removed when assembling, disassembling or replacing cables (warranty preservation).

  • Electrical panel builders;
  • Machine manufacturers;
  • Retrofitting’s;
  • Any others.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrplastik in Portugal.
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