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Inkjet printer for industrial labelling PICTOR2 BLACK - Murrplastik

Intelligent and with plenty of stamina. New PICTOR2 BLACK high-end inkjet printer for industrial labelling.

Intelligent and with plenty of stamina. New PICTOR2 BLACK high-end inkjet printer for industrial labelling. With a larger print area, a huge capacity of up to 600,000 characters per cartridge and an integrated WLAN and Ethernet interface, the new PICTOR2 BLACK inkjet label printer by Murrplastik sets the standard for colour-based inkjet printing systems. 
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Labeling Systems– Software - Murrplastik

The Murrplastik labelling system for single wires, control gear, clamps, cables, control and signal units and conduits is one of the most universal on the market. We have developed our labels for many components by well known manufacturers. In doing so, we fulfil all requirements for a modern, compatible labeling system. Alongside simple manual input, existing data can also be drawn from various CAD/CAE systems into the unit's own software.

From simple numbers up to complex characters. The Unicode-compatible software allows for the production and processing of labelling data.
ACS Gold Studio Software

From the planning stage to the inscription on the label...Plotting, printing, engraving and lasering with one software package!The universal workstation at local or network level.Electric, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic labelling tailored to requirements.
Software for company-wide labelling.
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Laser labelling system- MP-LM1 - Murrplastik

Murrplastik introduces the mp-LM 1, a system that allows you to realize abrasion-proof quality labelling on a wide variety of base materials.
With its low initial cost, plus minimal operating and lifecycle costs, the mp-LM 1 is the perfect labelling system for companies with a medium to high volume of labelling work and high standards regarding the quality of labelling produced. The mp-LM 1 is able to automatically label ID plates for leads, lines, terminals, control panels and signaling equipment, switchgear, media devices and much more.
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