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Racks QE BOX - Rittal

Rittal QE Box - Quick and Easy The QE is a single piece welded construction, designed to support networking infrastructure in either satellite offices or small networks.
Supplied with a fully glazed door, which can be hinged from either side. Cable entry is via the top or bottom, with an optional cable brush. Additional cooling can be supplied via additional fan kits and with a removable side service panel you are also able to access the rear without disturbing the mounted equipment.
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  • Grey-tinted glass door provides an unhindered view of the installed componentes;
  • Door mounted inside the enclosure frame;
  • All-round protection of the door edges when closed;
  • Symmetrical design;
  • Interchangeable door hinge;
  • Infinitely depth-variable 482.6 mm (19˝) level;
  • Second 482.6 mm (19˝) level can be added at any time;
  • Large service aperture in one side panel for simple maintenance and installation;
  • Common locking system for door and access panel;
  • Passive ventilation for effective heat dissipation;
  • Active fans optional;
  • Large pre-stamped cut-outs for cable entry via roof or base;
  • High load-bearing capacity, up to 75 kg for largest version.
  • This rack allows for quick and easy setup.
Can be used in any type of industry with strong focus on industrial automation including:
  • Communications backstage;
  • Industrial machinery;
  • SCADA systems.

F.Fonseca is distributor of Rittal in Portugal.
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