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Collaborative robot TM20 – Techman Robot

The TM20 has a higher payload capability in our AI robot series. The increased payload of up to 20kg, enables the further scaling of robotic automation and throughput increases for more demanding, heavier-duty applications with ease. It is specifically designed for massive pick-and-place tasks, heavy machine tending, and high-volume packaging and palletizing.
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Future-proof Your Cobot with AI
AI-powered cobots recognize the presence and orientation of their environment and parts to perform visual inspections and dynamic pick-and-place tasks. Effortlessly apply AI to the production line and increase productivity, decrease costs, and shorten cycle times. AI vision can also read results from machines or test equipment and make appropriate decisions accordingly.
Besides improving automation processes, an AI-driven cobot can track, analyze, and integrate data during production to prevent defects and improve product quality.
A True Vision Leader
Techman Robot’s collaborative robots are equipped with an integrated vision system, giving cobots the ability to perceive their surroundings which significantly enhances cobot capabilities. Robot vision or the ability to “see” and interpret visual data into command prompts is one of the features that makes us superior. It is a game-changer for accurately performing tasks in dynamic changing workspaces, making operations run smoother and automation processes more efficiently.
No experience required
Designed with first-time users in mind, programming knowledge is not a prerequisite to get started with TM AI Cobot. An intuitive click-and-drag motion using our TMflow programming software reduces the complexity. Our patented technology allows operators with no coding experience to program a project as short as five minutes.
Collaborative safety is our priority
Inherent safety sensors will stop TM AI Cobot when physical contact is detected, minimizing the potential damage for a pressure-free and safe environment. You can also set up speed limits for the robot so it can be used in a variety of environments right next to your workers.

  • Graphical interface;
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI);
  • Collison detection, with emergency stop.

  • Easy programming;
  • Fast visual calibration with calibration board;
  • Complies with ISO 10218-1:2011 & ISO/TS 15066:2016;
  • Save the cost and space for barriers & fencing;
  • Set up speed limits.

  • All industries.
F.Fonseca is the representative of Techman Robot in Portugal.
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