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variTRON 300 panel controller - Jumo

The variTRON 300 is the compact central processing unit for automating process systems.
The basis for the development of this central processing unit was the new platform with a 792 MHz (single core) processor.
Given the scalability of hardware and software, we have available a modular, flexible and, above all, sustainable hardware platform, combined with a modern software architecture.
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Based on this new platform, innovative operating concepts can now be implemented with state-of-the-art display technologies.
The central processing unit, together with the proven input and output modules (including controller module) as well as the router modules form a complete system. This central unit manages all configuration data and parameters of the whole system and makes a PLC according to IEC61131-3 (CODESYS V3.5) available (extra code).

For visualization, commercially available panels that support CODESYS Remote TargetVisu ​​or WebVisu functionality are used. Viewing is also possible via web browser. Views can be implemented with CODESYS resources.
It can optionally be used as a receiver for Jumo Wtrans transmitters, thus allowing the wireless transmission of measured values.

The Jumo variTRON 300 offers a function for recording process data. This allows up to 60 analog or digital channels (signals) to be recorded. Channels are organized into groups for this purpose. By grouping channels, the user can, for example, create a separate group for each plant or record signals with different memory cycles.

Batch recording is evaluated using the Jumo smartWARE Evaluation software. Here, a paid license (number of batch writes) is required.
Jumo smartWARE Evaluation software is available for viewing and evaluating logged data. Here, a paid license (number of channels) is required.

The IoT platform for process visualization as well as data acquisition, evaluation and storage enable worldwide access to measurement data using common web browsers. Jumo Cloud is characterized by a high degree of security as well as valuable visualization, alarm and planning functions. 
  • Process mapping for all connected input/output modules (including controller modules);
  • Display and keys to display the system status;
  • USB host interface;
  • OPC UA server (in conjunction with PLC);
  • 9 program generators (in conjunction with PLC);
  • Field bus interface (RS485; Modbus RTU in conjunction with PLC);
  • PROFINET IO controller (in conjunction with PLC);
  • Plug and Play when replacing input/output modules;
  • Battery-buffered RAM;
  • Real-time clock;
  • Process data and batch recording.
  • High speed performance;
  • Flexible operating philosophy;
  • Modern communication interfaces (e.g. OPC UA, MQTT);
  • Integration of different fieldbus protocols such as PROFINET IO, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP/RTU and BACnet/IP;
  • Easy integration of new software functions via PLC (CODESYS V3.5);
  • Availability of function and visualization libraries;
  • Easy adaptation of hardware inputs and outputs;
  • Connection of the Jumo Wtrans transmitters;
  • Customized operation and visualization with several operator stations via CODESYS remote target visualization or web panels via web visualization (mixed operation is possible);
  • Panels in various formats (portrait or landscape, 4:3 or 16:9);
  • Jumo Web Cockpit.
  • Machine construction;
  • Oven construction;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Process automation.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Jumo in Portugal.
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