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Cooling Systems - TopTherm-Plus roofmounted cooling units– Rittal

The TopTherm-Plus roofmounted cooling units from Rittal has a flexible performance, only 3 mounting cutouts for 6 different output categories in 28 design variants. 
Climate controlled doors.
Targeted air routing in the enclosure. 
The internal air circulation is targeted and effective: The heated air is extracted centrally. Air exhaust occurs in the four corners, depending on requirements.

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Integration of the cooling units with Comfort controller, e.g. into super ordinate remote monitoring systems, can be achieved by means of an optional interface board SK 3124.200 (RS 232, RS 485, RS 422 and PLC interface).

Supply includes
Fully wired ready for connection, including drilling template and assembly parts.

  • Any industry.

F.Fonseca is distributor of Rittal in Portugal.
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