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Cooling Systems - Climate controlled doors – Rittal

Rittal system climate control for doors offers holistic process protection. This includes the cooling of sensitive electronics in enclosures and cases for industrial process control, as well as server and network technology, regardless of the ambient conditions. But these are not isolated solutions with Rittal, everything is interconnected. 
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Cooling Systems - Fan-and-filter units– Rittal

Rittal fan-and-filter units are ideal for dissipating high heat loads cost-effectively. 

The pre-requisite is that the ambient air must be relatively clean with a temperature below the desired enclosure internal temperature. The entire range of fan-and-filter units is now also available with EMC shielding and all required rated voltages.
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Cooling Systems - TopTherm-Plus roofmounted cooling units– Rittal

The TopTherm-Plus roofmounted cooling units from Rittal has a flexible performance, only 3 mounting cutouts for 6 different output categories in 28 design variants. 

Climate controlled doors
Targeted air routing in the enclosure 

The internal air circulation is targeted and effective: The heated air is extracted centrally. Air exhaust occurs in the four corners, depending on requirements.

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Cooling Systems - TopTherm-Plus wall mounted cooling units– Rittal

The Rittal wall-mounted cooling units are practical and stylish.

The mounting cutout is selected depending on the mounting variant:
external, internal or partial internal mounting. This makes optimum use of the space available. 
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Fan-and-filter units with EC technology – Rittal

Rittal presents the energy-efficient version of the RTT fan-and-filter units with EC technology. From 180 m³/h with integral control interface to regulate and monitor the fan (0-10 V / PWM input and signal output).
Simplify your assembly work and save valuable time by eliminating the use for tools for key tasks: mounting on the enclosure, reversal of the air flow direction, electrical connection and fast filter mat replacement.
The pressure stability of the diagonal fans promises greater energy efficiency and a more constant air throughput – that is even more effective in helping to prevent hot spots.
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