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Gas leak detector for indoor installations EX-TEC SNOOPER 4 - Sewerin

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Explosion-proof gas leak detector with integrated gas database.
The EX-TEC SNOOPER 4 is a gas leak detector for detecting the smallest leaks in installation lines and at connection points.
The modular device concept allows users to choose either a basic device without a pump (diffusion device) or a device with integrated pump.
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  • Testing room air (house test);
  • Large, illuminated LCD display;
  • Easy operation using three keys;
  • User menu;
  • Function menu for individual device configuration (PIN code protected);
  • Gas database with calibration for methane and other gases, e.g. propane, butane, hexane, nonane, hydrogen, kerosene;
  • Adjustable test gas concentration;
  • Minimum sensitivity can be selected from 1 to 100 ppm;
  • Concentration-dependent signal, audible and visual;
  • Power supplied from rechargeable or disposable batteries;
  • Explosion protection.
  • Self-test on start-up;
  • User-definable minimum sensitivity (between 1 and 100 ppm);
  • Visual and audible signals on reaching certain gas concentrations and to indicate the various operating states of the device.
  • Gas transport and distribution;
  • Gas inspection.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Sewerin in Portugal.
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