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Incremental encoder DGS80 - SICK

The DGS80 is an incremental encoder with large hollow shaft diameters up to 42 mm. It can be used in countless industrial automation applications.
Combined with the many connection options of the DGS80, its supply voltage range of 5 V to 30 V facilitates integration into most control systems. The incremental encoder is characterized by quick and easy installation: This is made possible by its compact design, the clamping ring for speedy mounting, the universal stator couplings and the large selection of collets that simplify mounting on shafts of different size.
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  • Pulse per revolution: Up to 8,192;
  • Housing diameter: 81 mm, diameter of through hollow shaft: 30 mm or 42 mm;
  • Enclosure rating: IP65;
  • Communication interfaces: TTL, HTL;
  • Connection types: M12, M23 and MS male connector and cable;
  • Collets available as accessories for adjusting to shafts of different size.

  • Can be used anywhere thanks to large diameter;
  • Flexible integration into countless machine designs;
  • Simple and time-saving installation.

The large resolution range means the encoder is well-suited for many different industrial applications such as:
  • AC motor applications thanks to large selection of insulating collets;
  • Industrial applications such as speed measurement of AC motors, printing, scanning;
  • Large hollow shaft diameters and rugged construction for applications in the timber and metal industry;
  • Printing, scanning and elevator speed control.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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