Encoder incremental DLS40 - SICK

The DLS40 incremental encoder is a reliable solution for measuring rotational speed and position.

It has several unique features that redefine the way encoders work. The concept of a flange with integrated housing enables a slim, compact, and cost-efficient design. This allows easier installation, especially within tight spaces. In addition, the encoder has an easily accessible laser-marked QR code that provides direct access to the operating instructions.

Incremental encoder DBS60 - SICK

Rugged, versatile incremental encoder for industrial applications.
The DBS60 Core is a rugged incremental encoder with a diameter of 58 mm and a compact mounting depth. It offers a large range of mechanical and electrical interfaces.
The high IP65 protection rating and the large bearing distance make this a rugged and reliable solution, even at high shaft loads. With a resolution of up to 5,000 pulses, the DBS60 Core is the ideal product for standard applications in a range of different industries.

Incremental encoder DBV50 Core - SICK

Compact measuring wheel system that is highly flexible and easy to mount.
The DBV50 Core measuring wheel encoder is a measuring wheel system for measuring linear movements. It consists of the DBS50 Core incremental encoder, an aluminum measuring wheel with a 200 mm diameter and a spring-loaded arm. The maximum resolution is 0.08 mm per pulse.
The spring arm has a maximum spring travel of 14 mm, a maximum spring force of 20 N and features a convenient pretension setting for repeatably setting the spring pretension. A spring travel limiter protects the spring from being overloaded.

Incremental encoder DGS80 - SICK

The DGS80 is an incremental encoder with large hollow shaft diameters up to 42 mm. It can be used in countless industrial automation applications.
Combined with the many connection options of the DGS80, its supply voltage range of 5 V to 30 V facilitates integration into most control systems. The incremental encoder is characterized by quick and easy installation: This is made possible by its compact design, the clamping ring for speedy mounting, the universal stator couplings and the large selection of collets that simplify mounting on shafts of different size.

Incremental Encoder DUS60 – SICK

Encoders with versatile configuration for machine axes applications.

The DUS60 by SICK is a rotary incremental encoder with built-in DIP switch configuration for the resolution, output voltage, and counting direction. The DUS60 configuration switches reduce the number of variants, enable easy replacement and quick commissioning, and increases the likelihood that spare parts will be in stock – all without any additional programming tools.
The on-board status and signal LEDs and optional fault output quickly indicate the functionality of the encoder, minimizing time required for both installation and troubleshooting.

Incremental encoders DBS - Sick

The DBS family of incremental Encoders is now complete with the new DBS60 Core. This family, consisting of the DBS36 Core, DBS50 Core and DBS60 Core, is the perfect solution for all standard applications in the industry. 
The world-renowned robustness and reliability of the Sick brand, coupled with the multiple mechanical and electrical options available, created the opportunity that we were all waiting to take advantage of the best solutions on the market with exceptional conditions!

Measuring wheel encoders MWS120 - SICK

Precise measurement of linear movements with adjustable contact pressure.
The MWS120 is a measurement systems which detects linear movements directly and reliably.
With a spring travel of 10 mm and the contract pressure with easy manual adjustment, movements of the measurement surface can be compensated for vertical to the measurement direction.

Programmable incremental encoder DFS60 - Sick

The DFS60 is a high-resolution incremental encoder with a diameter of 60mm. It offers a wide variety of mechanical and electric interfaces and can also be programmed by the customer if required.
Programming of the output signal and zero pulse is a unique feature for the market. The high enclosure rating, wide temperature range and large ball bearing distance ensure extreme robustness, making the DFS60 the ideal encoder for industrial applications in harsh environments.

Safety incremental encoder DFS60S - SICK

Safe, easy, flexible: Encoders for functional safety.

Safe electrical and mechanical design, easy system implementation and flexible application possibilities.The DFS60S Pro is an incremental encoder for functional safety.
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