Compact linear encoder with high resolution TTK70 - Sick

Compact linear encoder with high resolution.
The non-contact principle of operation means that the position is determined without wear. The sensor uses a unique code pattern to record the absolute position information along the reference scale, and sends this information directly to the evaluation electronics. As a result, there is no need for a reference run. Compact systems with high resolutions or rugged solutions with very high measuring lengths (up to 1,700 m) can be used in a wide range of applications.
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Encoders lineares absolutos KH53 - Sick

Linear position measuring systems for material handling applications, e.g. storage and conveyor systems, have particularly high requirements and performances.

The position linear non-contact absolute positioning encoders KH53 is continuously evaluated by the sensor unit and it’s directly transmitted as an encoded signal by the evaluation electronics housed in the sensor unit. Since the sensor unit and the reference scale are separate components, even extremely long distances can be measured with extremely hi accuracy.
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Incremental encoder DBS60 - Sick

Rugged, versatile incremental encoder for industrial applications.
The DBS60 Core is a rugged incremental encoder with a diameter of 58 mm and a compact mounting depth. It offers a large range of mechanical and electrical interfaces.
The high IP 65 protection rating and the large bearing distance make this a rugged and reliable solution, even at high shaft loads. With a resolution of up to 5,000 pulses, the DBS60 Core is the ideal product for standard applications in a range of different industries.
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Incremental Encoder DUS60 – Sick

Encoders with versatile configuration for machine axes applications.

The DUS60 by Sick is a rotary incremental encoder with built-in DIP switch configuration for the resolution, output voltage, and counting direction. The DUS60 configuration switches reduce the number of variants, enable easy replacement and quick commissioning, and increases the likelihood that spare parts will be in stock – all without any additional programming tools.
The on-board status and signal LEDs and optional fault output quickly indicate the functionality of the encoder, minimizing time required for both installation and troubleshooting. The DUS60 offers solid shaft and hollow bore mounting with rotating connectors or universal cables for quick and flexible mechanical installation. With resolutions up to 2,400 pulses, the DUS60 is ideal for factory and logistics automation applications.
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Incremental encoders DBS - Sick

The DBS family of incremental Encoders is now complete with the new DBS60 Core. This family, consisting of the DBS36 Core, DBS50 Core and DBS60 Core, is the perfect solution for all standard applications in the industry.
The world-renowned robustness and reliability of the Sick brand, coupled with the multiple mechanical and electrical options available, created the opportunity that we were all waiting to take advantage of the best solutions on the market with exceptional conditions!
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Motor feedback systems rotary Hiperface DSL® EFS/EFM50 - Sick

The EFS/EFM50 motor feedback system features a compact and rugged design with a diameter of 50 mm.
In combination with the absolute location indicator system of the motor feedback system, a resolution of up to 23 bits per revolution and a maximum of 4,096 revolutions, this design is unique in its class.
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Motor feedback systems rotary Hiperface DSL® EKS/EKM36 - Sick

Compact motor feedback system for highly dynamic servo drives.
From a mechanical point of view, the EKS/EKM36 motor feedback system is based on the proven 36 mm design. This design is both compact and rugged, and has been proven many times over in a wide range of applications and surroundings.
In combination with an absolute location indicator system with a resolution of up to 20 Bits per revolution and a maximum of 4,096 revolutions, this design is unique in its class.
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Programming tool for PC PGT-8-S - Sick

The PGT-08-S is an intuitive programming tool that allows the configuration of the programmable encoders from Sick.

This tool has a low weight and compact dimensions, can be used to configure all the encoders from the F family, incremental and absolute.
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Programming tool with display for Incremental encoders PGT-10-Pro - Sick

The PGT-10-Pro is an intuitive programming tool that allows the configuration of the Sick programmable encoders.

This tool has a very low weight and compact dimensions, it’s easily movable and can be used anywhere, not needing a PC or any additional software.
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Safety incremental encoder DFS60S - Sick

Safe, easy, flexible: Encoders for functional safety.

Safe electrical and mechanical design, easy system implementation and flexible application possibilities.The DFS60S Pro is an incremental encoder for functional safety.
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Wire-draw absolute encoders - Sick

Sick wire-draw absolute encoders consist in a wire-draw mechanism and an encoder. The number of drum rotations is proportional to the measuring length.

This movement is counted by an encoder and converted to a measuring signal. This provides high-resolution position or distance information for linear measurement paths, even under difficult mounting conditions. Precise linear guidance, as required for other length measurement systems, is not necessary.
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