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Safety incremental encoder DFS60S - Sick

Safe, easy, flexible: Encoders for functional safety.

Safe electrical and mechanical design, easy system implementation and flexible application possibilities.The DFS60S Pro is an incremental encoder for functional safety.
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It supports safety functions conforming to IEC 61800-5-2. The high enclosure rating, wide temperature range and generous ball bearing clearance are the key to enhanced durability. They make the DFS60S Pro the universal motion control sensor for stationary and mobile safety applications.
  • Encoders for functional safety technology: SIL2 (IEC 61508), SILCL2 (EN 62061), PL d (EN ISO 13849);
  • Electrical interface: 4.5 V ... 32 V, sine/cosine 1 VPP, 1,024 periods;
  • Clamping flange or servo flange, blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft (assembly options with feather key);
  • Universal cable outlet, M23 or M12 male connector, axial or radial;
  • Enclosure rating: IP 65;
  • Working temperature range: –30°C ... +95°C (depending on type).
  • Certified safety products ensuring the best possible protection for persons, machinery, and systems;
  • Force fit and tight fit for mechanical reliability;
  • Certified safety products instead of standard products reduce the scope of safety engineering;
  • Versatile connection options for high levels of flexibility and straightforward implementation;
  • Compact installation depth for compatibility with applications in which installation space is limited. 
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F.Fonseca is the representative of Sick in Portugal. 
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