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Sensor integration Gateway SIG100 - SICK

The SIG100 Sensor Integration Gateway is an IO-Link sensor hub which makes collecting and monitoring digital standard signals easier than ever.
Logical decisions are made based on the user configuration, and the results are transmitted via IO-Link to any IO-Link master. Devices are parameterized quickly and easily via an integrated USB interface and the SOPAS ET graphical user interface. For various applications, a drag & drop logic editor enables the quick and easy creation of an autonomous sensor system which can be operated separately from the central controller (PLC).
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  • Easy connection of binary sensors to any IO-Link master;
  • Six configurable ports, each has two binary inputs or outputs for connecting up to 12 standard I/Os;
  • Quick and easy configuration of an autonomous sensor system, which consists of binary inputs and outputs, via drag & drop logic links without an additional controller;
  • Reduced wiring effort and expense by consolidating individual sensor signals into a single IO-Link message.
  • Solution for complex application tasks by creating simple sensor systems using the logic editor integrated into SOPAS ET;
  • Uniform wiring concept via IO-Link for easy and transparent data integration;
  • Easy, intuitive parameterization via USB and the SOPAS ET graphical user interface.
  • All industries aplliance.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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