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Switching automation light grids FlexChain - SICK

The flexible and efficient detection system in one chain.
The FlexChain is a flexibly configurable light grid thanks to the sequential connection of several sensors. There is no need for long connection cables or complex wiring.
By pressing a button on the FlexChain Host, the sensors can be addressed and taught-in automatically, meaning the system is immediately ready for use. Different sensor technologies can be combined and freely arranged: Through-beam photoelectric sensors, photoelectric sensors. The raw sensor data is evaluated via the FlexChain Host with integrated logic modules or forwarded directly via IO-Link, CANopen, RS-485 or I/O signals. Detailed diagnostic information ensures optimum process stability and measurement certainty during operation.
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  • Ultra-simple wiring for up to 60 sensors;
  • Sequential cycling prevents mutual interference;
  • Free arrangement of various sensor technologies;
  • Sensors available in different lengths of cable;
  • Sensor data evaluation in the system or direct transmission of raw data;
  • Process stability thanks to diagnostic function.
  • Flexibly expandable light grid system: Up to 60 sensors can be cascaded and controlled centrally via the FlexChain Host;
  • Ready for operation immediately: The sensors are identified and taught in at the push of a button;
  • Optimum measurement certainty thanks to sequential sensor cycling without mutual interference;
  • Highly flexible positioning of through-beam photoelectric sensors, photoelectric retro-reflective sensors and photoelectric proximity sensors at any distances or in any positions;
  • High process stability thanks to extensive diagnostic function;
  • High flexibility due to logic configuration in the Host and the IO-Link, CANopen and RS-485 interface variants.
  • Storage and conveyor;
  • Access control.
F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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