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Incremental encoder DBV50 Core - Sick

Compact measuring wheel system that is highly flexible and easy to mount.
The DBV50 Core measuring wheel encoder is a measuring wheel system for measuring linear movements. It consists of the DBS50 Core incremental encoder, an aluminum measuring wheel with a 200 mm diameter and a spring-loaded arm. The maximum resolution is 0.08 mm per pulse.
The spring arm has a maximum spring travel of 14 mm, a maximum spring force of 20 N and features a convenient pretension setting for repeatably setting the spring pretension. A spring travel limiter protects the spring from being overloaded.
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The encoder can be rotated and mounted on both sides of the spring arm, routing of the cable can be adapted to the application. The measuring wheel system can be delivered with numerous electrical interfaces, facilities for connecting and resolutions.
  • Axis distance: 63.5 mm;
  • Measuring wheel circumference: 200 mm;
  • Resolution: 0.08 mm per pulse, 12.5 pulses per mm;
  • Max. spring travel: 14 mm, mechanically limited, max. spring force: 20 N;
  • The encoder can be mounted on both spring arm sides, wheel support from top and bottom;
  • Adjustable spring pretension.
  • Compact, space-saving measuring wheel system with low installation depth;
  • Large spring travel and high press-on force to compensate for unevenness in the surface being measured;
  • Easy and repeatable setting of the spring pretension;
  • Prevents system failures by limiting the spring travel to protect the spring from being overloaded;
  • Highly adaptable to various applications thanks to a variety of options for mounting the encoder on the spring arm.
  • Conveyor belts;
  • Wood industry;
  • Laser and inkjet printers for labels, packaging and bottles;
  • Shuttle systems in storage logistics;
  • Volume measurement and weighing systems;
  • Packaging machines.

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