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Industrial al camera ICAM-520 - Advantech

Advantech ICAM-520/500 series is a highly integrated Industrial AI Camera equipped with programmable variable focus lenses, LED illumination, SONY industrial grade image
sensor, multiple core ARM processors and NVIDIA AI system on module.
Featuring CAMNavi SDK, HTML5 web based utility and NVIDIA Deepstream SDK, ICAM-520/500 series accelerates the development and deployment of cloud-to-edge vision AI applications.
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The CAMNavi SDK uses Python language by default and is better adapted to image acquisition and AI algorithm integration. Meanwhile the HTML 5 web based utility can be used to setup the cameras and network configuration to lower the installation effort.
Advantech ICAM-520/500 series is an all-in-one, compact and rugged industrial AI camera, and is ideal for a variety of Edge AI vision applications.
  • Embedded with NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX;
  • 1.6MP 60 FPS, SONY industrial grade sensor;
  • Programmable variable focus lens;
  • Advanced LEDs illumination;
  • HW ISP no GPU/CPU workload.
  • Equipped with varifocal lens and LED illumination, Advantech ICAM-520/500 reduces installation and maintenance effort significantly;
  • The preloaded, optimized Jetpack board support package V4L2 and RTSP interface seamlessly connect to AI cloud services.
  • Factory;
  • Smartcities;
  • Transportation.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Advantech in Portugal.
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