Compact fanless computer MIC-770 - Advantech

MIC-770 is a compact, fanless system incorporating latest generation Intel® 14nm Platform.
System design concept focuses on an “expansion slot module”, so different applications can integrate the MIC-770 system to form a complete industrial computer. It also can serve as an independent, fanless, Compact Embedded Box computer and accepts a wide range of DC power inputs. The rugged aluminum case not only provides a great thermal solution, but also resists high EMI/shock/vibration. MIC-770 is equipped with Intel® 8th Core i desktop CPU featuring 6 cores, making it highly suitable for embedded and industrial PC applications requiring high processor performance within limited spaces. It features powerful I/O interfaces, including Ethernet, USB 3.0, serial port, and two Mini PCIe.

Compact fanless system MIC-770 V3 - Advantech

To enable the realization of Industry 4.0, field-based edge intelligence is important for developing new IoT applications. Advantech’s MIC-7 series PCs provide high-performance computing, multiple I/O interfaces, flexible expandability with the integration of i-Modules and iDoor, and can be widely deployed to support various industrial IoT applications.
The MIC-7 series can be equipped with a wide range of processors to provide custom entry-level and high-end solutions. With the provision of multiple I/O for connecting devices, MIC-7 systems can serve as a data gateway and industrial controller. Moreover, when integrated with an intelligent i-Module, various add-on cards can be installed for machine automation applications.
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