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New powerful flat dome, with very thin borders.
Both powerful and very diffuse, the Medium Flat MFDOME+ can deal with many machine vision applications. The TPL Medium Flat MFDOME+ has been designed to detect small pieces in a container, to highlight thermoformed products or also to improve contrasts on workpieces made of several materials. The OVERDRIVE version can offer a lighting power far higher and the TRINITI version (with no current control inside) even more. It works in continuous and strobe mode, with very short rising and falling times: 25 μs and 15 μs.
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Equipped with very thin borders, the new Medium Flat MFDOME+ uniformly illuminates from the whole useful surface, included from the edges. No hot spot to notice! Very thin, the Medium Flat MFDOME+ gets a hole in the middle to insert the camera’s lens. The connector can be placed on any side of the Medium Flat MFDOME+, which can then be set up on any kind of conveyor belts. At the basis of the connector, 2 LED indicators show if the product is powered and if the strobe mode is on.
The Medium Flat MFDOME+ is available in various wavelengths and also in various dimensions. For specific sizes, that don’t belong to the standard range, you can call TPL Vision for customized products.
  • 3 Versions available;
  • Powerful flat dome;
  • Ultra-thin borders;
  • Rising time: 25 μs;
  • Innovative dome concept.
  • One specific solution for each application;
  • Very diffuse illumination without spots assuring maximum quality inspection;
  • Fits camera’s objectives.
  • Machine Vision.

F.Fonseca is the representative of TPL Vision in Portugal.
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