LED illumination modular Ringlight – TPL Vision

Innovative machine vision.
At TPL Vision we understand that the cost of dealing with illumination in your machine vision project can be very high.

The key to achieving a robust solution is known to be the correct illumination. We know that integrators have to evaluate, budget and deal with loans just to find the perfect solution.

This is why TPL Vision now offers multiple lighting solutions with just a few references.
The modular Ringlight is an innovative solution from TPL Vision. With just a few references we can test different scenarios in each application and reach the optimum solution.

Led lighting bar - Essential EBAR+ - TPL Vision

The TPL Essential EBAR+ is a highly powerful LED light, very useful for machine vision applications requiring intense luminous flux. It can be set up downwards, in the same axis as the camera’s, or with an angle of incidence, to perfectly illuminate rectangular areas on a production line.

The Essential EBAR+ is very easy to use: you don’t have to adjust anything, only to plug it. There are 2 functioning modes: continuous and strobe, with very short rising and falling times (15 μs and 10 μs).

Its black aluminum structure, very robust, is IP65. It also helps to dissipate the heat generated by the LED. Moreover, 2 LED indicators near the connector show if the product is powered.
The Essential EBAR+ is available in different colours and in multiple lengths, from 17 cm to 1,m3 m.

Led lighting EBAR Curve - TPL Vision

Easily get a better uniformity!
The EBAR Curve has been developed by TPL Vision so as to get illuminations that offer full homogeneity on the total surface, including on the edges.
Up to now, when you had to select a bar, you had to choose a product larger than the field of view (FoV). With the EBAR Curve, no need to spend time wondering what would be the right size. As the bar will light the entire surface, you can decide to get a bar with the same dimensions as the FoV. This can be very useful when the overall dimensions of the bar represent a major issue in the vision system.

Lighting Flood Light – TPL Vision

High power flat illumination, dedicated to logistics apllications.
The FLOOD Light by TPL Vision is a high power flat illumination which can illuminate large areas from a distance.
It is specifically dedicated to the logistics market and in particular to the control of palletizing processes.

Lighting Medium Flat MFDOME+ - TPL

New powerful flat dome, with very thin borders.
Both powerful and very diffuse, the Medium Flat MFDOME+ can deal with many machine vision applications. The TPL Medium Flat MFDOME+ has been designed to detect small pieces in a container, to highlight thermoformed products or also to improve contrasts on workpieces made of several materials. The OVERDRIVE version can offer a lighting power far higher and the TRINITI version (with no current control inside) even more. It works in continuous and strobe mode, with very short rising and falling times: 25 μs and 15 μs.
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