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Modular process controller N20K48 – Novus

Novus N20K48 is the modular process controller with reduced dimensions that comes to revolutionize the microcontroller market!
The N20K48 controller family is based on a compact and powerful central controller, to which we can add a series of micro modules that enables it to respond to a wide range of industry requirements.

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The excellent cost/benefit micro expansion modules allow the scalability of inputs and outputs, resources and connectivity in a single controller, which avoids the need to purchase several specific and expensive models, facilitating stock management.

Novus ClickNGo technology for the N20K48 micro-modules ensure expandability for more demanding applications, learning standards and training of technical personnel.
The native Bluetooth interface offers simple diagnostics and commissioning via the QuickTune Mobile application, which reduces any downtime, while the USB interface allows for batch configuration, optimizing the work behind the scenes.

With a new elegant and distinctive design, the controller features a bright, easy-to-read display while maintaining a compact depth, making it easy to install in places with limited space availability.
The QuickTune Mobile application provides the user with a general configuration platform for all controllers and micro modules on the factory floor.
  • 11-segment LCD display;
  • Input: analog;
  • PID: PWM, auto tune;
  • 1 control loop (heating or cooling);
  • Outputs: pulse SSR, relay 5A|digital|analog|RS485 Modbs RTU|16A relay;
  • Comunication: wi-fi or Novus air wireless interface;
  • 20 programs, 9 segments;
  • Sampling time: 18ms;
  • Dimensions: 48x48mm;
  • Consumption: 10 VA;
  • Power: 100-240Vac or 12-24VDC (optional);
  • Configuration: quicktune or quicktune mobile.

  • Reduced dimensions;
  • Model configuration;
  • Quality in measurement;
  • Possibility of expansion;
  • Better stock management.
  • Greenhouses;
  • Oven manufacturers;
  • Process.

F.Fonseca is distributor of Novus in Portugal.
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