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Automated material transportation into and out of hazardous areas can be secured via a variety of solutions in order to avoid hazards to people and to ensure productivity.

Securing a machine with a muting system, comprising a protective device combined with muting sensors 
(e.g., photoelectric retro-reflective sensors). The placement of the muting sensors means that the material to be transported is detected as such and the protective device is given a time limit and bridged depending on the process. People are safely detected.
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  • Different sensor technologies to match the application needs;
  • Various mounting devices that enable the installation directly in the device column or in the optoelectronic device.
  • A rise in productivity, as maximum material flow is ensured thanks to reliable human-material differentiation;
  • High flexibility for process adaptation through additional functionalities in the protective device;
  • Higher flexibility through the detection of geometric object shapes by the light curtain solution;
  • Lower overall costs for the light curtain solution through the reduction of the maintenance costs, savings on additional sensors, and lower amounts of wiring work;
  • Standardization, as only two material numbers are needed for the light curtain solution.
  • All applications in which an automated material flow occurs and persons could be endangered by machine movement;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Wood industry;
  • Consumer goods industry;
  • Storage and conveyor.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Sick in Portugal.
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