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MZT8 magnetic cylinder sensor- Sick

The MZT8 magnetic cylinder sensor from Sick is the flexible solution for detecting the piston position in pneumatic actuators. The sensor can be inserted into cylinders very easily and, with the screw-and-washer assembly, tightened with just a quarter turn of a screwdriver or Allen key.
It is not only the perfect fit in the slot that makes the MZT8 ideal for use in pneumatic cylinders with T-slots. Patented GMR technology and the Sick ASIC ensure that the sensor only needs one attempt to deliver precise switching. Multiple switching operations are suppressed, which results in increased machine performance. The MZT8 is available in a range of variants up to an enclosure rating of IP69K and with a temperature resistance of up to 100 °C. This ensures the sensor has a long service life and reduces maintenance costs.
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  • Can be used in all standard cylinders, linear slides, and grippers using the T-slot and – with the help of adapters – in round rod, tie-rod, and profile cylinders, and cylinders with a dovetail groove;
  • Drop-in mounting from above simplifies handling and assembly;
  • Locking screw combines an Allen key and slotted screw;
  • High-temperature variants: temperature-resistant up to 100 °C;
  • Very short sensor housing for use in short stroke cylinders;
  • Enclosure ratings: IP67, IP68, IP69K.
  • Can be used at temperatures up to 100 °C;
  • Very rugged housing with enclosure rating IP67, IP68, or IP69K extends the service life of the sensor;
  • Increases machine output though precise switching at the first attempt;
  • Quick and easy mounting using an Allen key or flat-head screwdriver;
  • Saves time on initial installation and when replacing devices as the sensor can be easily inserted into the slot from above. The end caps of the cylinder do not have to be removed;
  • Low maintenance costs as the sensor is resistant to shock and vibration, meaning it does not slide about in the slot.
  • Consumer goods industry;
  • Machine building;
  • Metalworking;
  • Handling and assembly technology;
  • Electronics and solar industry;
  • Automotive industry.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Sick in Portugal.
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