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RST® mini device connector Mola® - Wieland Electric

Installations with high protective rating can be implemented with more flexibility and tailored to any application better than ever thanks to the new modular MOLA® connectors for the 
RST® MINI series.
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These modular device connectors have been optimized especially for luminaire manufacturers. As all-rounders, however, they can also be used in engines, heaters, controllers, and similar devices. The modular RST®MINI connector makes installing a great variety of applications more flexible, quicker, and safer. 
The spring clamp connections ensure that the conductors can be plugged in very easily during luminaire installation. This saves considerable time compared to an installation involving screw connection. Time is also saved by the splitter connection per terminal point as there is no need for installation and preparation of an additional terminal and corresponding conductors. 
  • MOLA® connectors are available as 2, 3, 4, and 5-pole models. Thanks to the modular design, the internal cable harness and housing can be prefabricated separately. The spring clamp connection facilitates the connection in the luminaire housing. Plus, MOLA® is “BJB ready” – this means suitable for automatic wiring by robots;
  • MOLA® helps to save valuable space. Thanks to the two connections per pole, there is no need for an internal terminal, saving space. The spring clamp connection also ensures that less space is needed during the installation than is required for a comparable installation with a screw connection;
  • MOLA® is an excellent option for a solution with through-wiring. This is usually realized with a 2.5 mm² conductor cross-section – no problem with MOLA®.

MOLA® is equipped with a push-in spring. This and the optimized lead-in chamfers allow for automatic wiring by robots, which can take place in installed condition within the device housing or separately, on a fixture for the internal adapter.  
All variants – 2, 3, 4, or 5-pole – have a diameter of 20 mm. Existing series with 20 mm bushings can be retrofitted to MOLA® quickly and integrated directly in prepared M20 bushings. This makes it easy to switch from traditional cable glands to the convenient pluggable alternative. There is the option of using a flattened top on the thread of the device connector to fix it in position.
The new RST16 MOLA® device connector is completely modular, which means it consists of three separate parts.
External adapter – for connecting the electrical infrastructure
Internal adapter with two terminals per pole – for through-wiring and for the outputs for internal wiring;
Nut – for fastening the external adapter.
Thanks to the modular design, cable harness and housing can be prefabricated separately. The external adapter is connected to the housing, while the internal adapter is assembled with the internal wiring at a different place. Later, the internal adapter is simply plugged into the external adapter!
Variants with additional contact seal (longitudinal seal) are also available as an option. They prevent the ingress of moisture into the contacts due to condensation or damaged cables.
  • Controllers;
  • Engines;
  • Fans;
  • Heaters;
  • Inverters;
  • Luminaires.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Wieland Electric in Portugal.
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