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Distance Sensors DL100 Hi - SICK

The SICK´s DL100 Hi family combines leading edge technology with innovative design. The product’s phase-shift measurement technology ensures the highest performance, which, in co-operation with drives manufacturers, has been optimized for perfect integration into closed control loops.
Our innovative 3-axis bracket, the smallest housing in its sensor class, as well as the intelligent quick lock system with fast connectors, offers optimized handling and reduced costs of ownership.

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  • Measurement range up to 300 m; 
  • Numerous fieldbus interfaces; 
  • Pre-failure and diagnostic data available; 
  • Display with intuitive menu and easy to see status LEDs; 
  • Small and rugged metal housing; 
  • 3-axis alignment bracket with quick lock system; 
  • Elongated holes for precise adjustment of sensor offset; 
  • SpeedCon™ and standard M12 electrical connection. 

  • Enhanced closed-loop behavior offers highest performance and productivity;
  • Operating temperature down to –40 °C ensures the highest reliability in cold storage warehouses and freezers; 
  • Numerous fieldbus and Ethernetbased interfaces offer the highest flexibility and fast communication for maximum efficiency; 
  • Pre-failure and extensive diagnostic data allow for preventive maintenance, ensuring the highest machine uptime; 
  • Small, rugged metal housing and SpeedCon™ compatible connectors ensure hassle-free installation – even in confined spaces; 
  • 3-axis alignment bracket ensures fast alignment and easy exchange, reducing maintenance and setup costs; 
  • Numerous accessories allow flexible use and guarantee high operation functionality. 

  • Positioning of ASRS stacker cranes in high bay warehouses and distribution centers; 
  • Vertical fork positioning of ASRS stacker cranes, fork trucks, and AGVs; 
  • Trolley positioning on gantry cranes; 
  • Vertical positioning of load pick up utility. 

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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