Distance measurement sensors OD1000 - Sick

The solution for precise measurement over long distances
Perfect quality can only be guaranteed when each and every measurement and process step is controlled. Thanks to its wide range of optical sensors, Sick’s intelligent measurement technology can offer highly accurate solutions for measuring even the smallest objects. Sick is setting new standards in measurement accuracy through the use of numerous technologies, such as 1D and 2D laser triangulation and chromatic confocal processes. This plays an important role in a whole host of different industries – particularly those with a strong emphasis on the measuring, regulation, positioning or monitoring of products and processes. Moreover, Sick’s measurement technology supports quality assurance processes and delivers cost saving benefits.
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Distance Sensors DL100 Hi - Sick

The Sick´s DL100 Hi family combines leading edge technology with innovative design. The product’s phase-shift measurement technology ensures the highest performance, which, in co-operation with drives manufacturers, has been optimized for perfect integration into closed control loops.

Our innovative 3-axis bracket, the smallest housing in its sensor class, as well as the intelligent quick lock system with fast connectors, offers optimized handling and reduced costs of ownership.

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Long range distance measurement sensors Dx1000 - Sick

Great performance at great distance!
When it comes to taking reliable measurements of extremely long distances, both indoors and out, the Dx1000 long range distance sensor is particularly impressive thanks to its exceptional performance.

Equipped with modern HDDM+ technology, the Dx1000 ensures stable measurement results in a rugged housing even in inclement weather. Designed by Sick, this measuring technology is the ideal choice for adverse ambient conditions and offers a flexible range of applications at high speeds. The intuitive nature of the Dx1000 makes it easy to use while also ensuring quick and trouble-free commissioning.
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