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Proximity inductive sensor IMR - SICK

The IMR inductive proximity sensors are not the least bothered by magnetic interference fields or weld spatter, such as arise in resistance welding applications. IMR sensors are made without a ferrite core, which makes them magnetic field resistant, and also have a very high electromagnetic compatibility.

Thanks to the rugged non-stick coating made from PTFE, these sensors provide very good protection against flying sparks and slag deposits, thereby guaranteeing a high operational safety. Since IMR sensors operate on the reduction factor 1 principle, they can detect all metals within the same sensing range. The very high sensing ranges of up to 75 mm help reduce mechanical damage to the sensors and therefore sensor failures, and increase plant availability.
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  • Types: M8 to M30, 40 x 40 mm and 80 x 80 mm;
  • Increased sensing range: up to 75 mm;
  • Electrical configuration: DC 3- and 4-conductor;
  • Enclosure rating: IP68;
  • Temperature range: –30° C to +85° C;
  • PTFE coating for cylindrical thread designs;
  • Reduction factor 1 for all metals.
  • Reduction factor 1 for all metals;
  • Switching errors due to electromagnetic fields are precluded;
  • Long service life, even for welding applications with stringent requirements, thanks to the special PTFE coating;
  • Extra large sensing range for all metals, e.g. Aluminum or stainless steel, reduces mechanical damage to the sensors and therefore sensor failures, and increases machine availability;
  • Simple and reliable detection of objects made from different metals;
  • Reliable even under harsh ambient conditions thanks to the extended temperature range and an IP68 enclosure rating;
  • Cylindrical design with high switching frequencies for fast automation processes.
  • All industries with welding processes.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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