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Smart cameras Inspector85x - SICK

Focusing on the big picture.
With its fast CPU for high-speed applications, the Inspector85x provides a range of solutions for executing complex inspection tasks. The state-of-the-art high-resolution imager and powerful illumination deliver great image quality for large objects as well. The dual-port fieldbus support ensures flexible, industry-ready integration.
The preinstalled SICK Nova InspectorP SensorApp with Quality Inspection toolset enable both expert and nonexpert users to rapidly configure the sensor using an intuitive web interface. With the Intelligent Inspection toolset, users can easily access deep learning tools.
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  • Powerful quad-core CPU;
  • Up to 12 megapixel resolution and strong illumination;
  • Web-based user interface;
  • Quality Inspection toolset for localization, inspection and measurement;
  • Optional Intelligent Inspection toolset for classification and anomaly detection;
  • Dual port fieldbus and high speed I/Os;
  • Supports SICK Nova, SICK AppSpace and HALCON.
  • Solves demanding inspection tasks, even at very high process speeds;
  • Excellent resolution for inspecting large areas in outstanding detail;
  • Easy to operate and flexible to use;
  • Integrated tools for handling advanced machine vision tasks;
  • AI tools simplify common machine vision tasks and solve complex tasks where rule-based tools are inadequate;
  • Flexible integration into industrial network or PLC;
  • SICK Nova tool plug-ins for convenient customization of inspections in Lua script.
  • Complex and unpredictable defect detection;
  • In-line quality inspection in automotive and white goods production lines that require large field of view;
  • OCR/OCV and quality inspection in packaging lines for consumer goods;
  • Solder inspection of electronics and automotive components.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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