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Transmitter for digital or analog interface, digiLine pH/ORP/T – JUMO

This transmitter permits transmission of the measured value from the sensor to the measuring or automation device via digital bus communication or as an analog signal. The digital device version of the transmitter has a 5-pole M12 plug connection – the analog version an 8-pole one.
The 5-pole digiLine electronics supports plug & play operation on the JUMO AQUIS touch S/P or in Modbus operation on the JUMO mTRON T.
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Several sensors continuously transmit their measurement data over the bus to a master. As an alternative, the 8-pole device version can also be used.
It is designed as a 2-wire transmitter with analog output and transmits measured values in the form of a scalable standard signal (4 to 20 mA). The 8-pole device version features a digital input that can be configured as a switching signal of the analog output value between pH measured value and temperature value as well as a hold signal for the analog output value. Additionally, the digital input for the measurement inputs of the eight-pole device version can be configured as a hold signal.
Mounting and connecting
JUMO digiLine electronics is available with N-connection for commercially available pH/redox
sensors or with Variopin connection for JUMO sensors with an integrated temperature probe and is simply attached to the sensor and screwed tight. The JUMO Type 201085 compensation thermometer can also be operated with it. If it is necessary to replace the sensor because of a defect or wear, the transmitter can be unscrewed and used again on the new sensor. The threaded connection between the sensor and transmitter guarantees protection type IP66 and IP67 to prevent malfunctions caused by ingress of moisture. The electrical connection is established easily and quickly by attaching (plug in and screw on) a preassembled bus cable.
Configuration, parameterization and calibration
Normally, the 5-pole JUMO digiLine electronics are configured, parameterized, and calibrated via operation on the JUMO AQUIS touch S/P. The calibration, however, also be conveniently carried out in the laboratory on a PC using the JUMO DSM-Software (Digital Sensor Management software). The 8-pole device version is configured, parameterized, and calibrated via the JUMO DSM software. With the USB-RS485 interface (part no.: 00638346), the electronics must be connected to a PC.
  • Reliable transmission of measured values over the JUMO digiLine bus;
  • Sensor calibration on a PC with storage of the calibration data in the JUMO digiLine electronics;
  • IP66 (M12);
  • IP68 (plug head VP on the sensor).
  • Reusable electronic components;
  • Easy, time-saving bus cable installation with read-to-use cable (available as accessory);
  • Cost savings when replacing sensors through transfer of the digiLine electronics to the new sensor;
  • Easy and time-saving Plug & Play installation on the JUMO AQUIS touch S/P.
  • All industries.

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