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True Presence multisensor Aerosol KNX - Steinel

For measurably healthy indoor air. The True Presence® Multisensor Aerosol KNX detects human presence and measures light level, room temperature, humidity, air quality, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO2.
For the first time, this can be used as the basis for identifying and displaying a potential risk of infection as a communication object for KNX. Result: better health, better safety, better efficiency and better comfort.
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Detects whether the air is pure and clean
The most precise presence detector ever becomes the ultimate sensory organ. Light level, ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO2 measurements are necessary for the true detection of people. Information that will help to advance the digitisation of building automation on a lasting basis. In this combination and for the first time, the True Presence® Multisensor Aerosol KNX is also capable of identifying and displaying a potential risk of infection as a communication object for KNX. An investment in building intelligence, in people's sense of well-being and in running the building cost-efficiently. The best comes from above – precise, digital information for modern building management.
 Article number  079208  Reach, radial  Ø 15 m   (177 m²)
 European article   mumber (EAN)  4007841079208  Reach, tangential  Ø 15 m   (177 m²)
 Type  Presence   detector  Twilight setting TEACH  Yes
 Dimensions (L x   W  x H)  123 x 123 x 33   mm  Twilight setting  1 – 1000 lx
 Mains power   supply  30 V  Time setting  30 s –   1092  Min.
 Power supply,   detail  KNX bus  Constant-lighting control  Yes
 Sensor   technology  High   frequency  Basic light level function  Yes
 Application, place  Indoors  Main light adjustable  0 – 100%
 Application, room  Classroom,   conference   room /   meeting   room, one-   person office,   recreation   room, duty   room, open-   plan office,   hotel room,   lecture hall,   kitchenette,   Indoors  With bus coupling
 Settings via
 With remote control
 ETS   software,   Bluetooth,   Bus
 Installation  Concealed   wiring  Interconnection  Yes
 HF-system  7,2 GHz  IP-rating   IP20
 Electronic   scalability  Yes  Material  Plastic
 Mechanical   scalability  No  Ambient temperature  0 – 40ºC
 Mounting height  2 – 12m  Colour  White
 Optimum   mounting  height  2,8m  Colour, RAL  9003
 Detection  Also through   glass, wood   and stud walls  Manufacturer's warranty  5 years
 Detection angle  360º  Interface  KNX
 Angle of aperture  160º  Sensor technology  High   frequency,   multisensor
 Sneak-by guard  Yes    
 Capability of   masking out   individual   segments  No    
  • Calculation of the potential risk of infection by combining the values ​​of humidity, temperature and CO2;
  • Communication via KNX protocol;
  • Possibility of knowing when a space was last occupied.
  • Administrative buildings;
  • Changing rooms and bathrooms;
  • Classrooms;
  • Comercial centers;
  • Conference rooms;
  • Hospitals;
  • Hotel rooms;
  • Individual or open-space offices;
  • Pavilions;
  • Warehouses.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Steinel in Portugal.
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