Floodlight LS 150 LED – Steinel

Powerful lighting big on style.
Extremely bright, robust and vigilant: the LS 150 LED sensor-switched floodlight. On-demand light for illuminating large areas around buildings. Infrared sensor with 240° angle of coverage and 12 m reach. Light output 1760 lumens, colour temperature 4000 K, power consumption 20.5 W. Robust aluminium floodlight head. Available in black or white.

Floodlight XLED curved - Steinel

Attractive buildings need attractive floodlights.
Illuminating compact model. Sensor LED floodlight XLED curved with 10.5 W, compact and discreet lighting solution for building entrances, pathways and co., attractive luminous efficiency (830 lm) requiring very little energy, sensor reach of up to 8 m, tilting range of +-30°.

Floodlight XLED home 2 XL - Steinel

Big Brother. Day-bright light for large areas.
Day-bright light in XL size. Powerful XLED home 2 XL sensor-switched outdoor floodlight with 14 m sensor reach. Ideal for illuminating larger areas such as driveways, courtyards and gardens. Swivelling precision IR sensor covering 140°. Fully swivelling LED panel (180°, horizontally and vertically). Superior opal cover for optimum lighting. 1608 lm, 20 W, 140° angle of coverage, high thermal conductivity magnesium composite cooling system (HCMC).

Floodlight XLED home 2 – Steinel

The best XLED home floodlight we have ever made.
Top seller. Now even better. XLED home 2 sensor-switched outdoor floodlight for even more safety and security. Fully swivelling LED panel in classy stainless-steel look. For the most exacting of demands on design and maximum lighting convenience. 1184 lm at a power consumption of only 14.8 W. Swivelling precision IR sensor (horizontally: 180°, vertically: 90°). 140° angle of coverage, 14 m reach.

Floodlight XLED ONE S Anthracite - STEINEL

Advanced, long-lasting and effective lighting and sensor technology. XLED ONE S from STEINEL, wall and ceiling spot with infrared sensor (12 m reach). LED panel tilts through 180°.
Warm-white light: (3000 K) and 2050 lm guarantee perfect illumination. With powerful reflector and low 18,6 W consumption. Extra long-life LEDs (30 years). Time setting: 8 s to 35 min. Twilight setting: 2 to 2000 lux.
The savings apply in comparison to using a conventional LED light without motion detector with the same power for an average of 10 hours of continuous light a day. In comparison, the STEINEL LED light with motion detector only lights up for an average of 2 hours at night because the light is only switched on when motion is detected.

Floodlight XLED PRO 240 - Steinel

lluminates every corner of the building
Day-bright illumination throughout: the XLED PRO 240 sensor-switched outdoor floodlight. With fully swivelling LED flat panel and opal diffuser. 1830 lumens, 4000 K, 20 W. With a 240° infrared sensor for reliable motion detection over a reach of up to 12 m. Available in black or white. Includes corner wall mount.

Floodlight XLED slim - Steinel

Light meets elegance.
Elegantly designed sensor LED floodlight XLED slim with 10.5 W, ideal for building entrances and pathways, pleasant and effective light (660 lm) requiring very little energy, sensor reach of up to 8 m, tilting range of +-30° (horizontal).
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