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Anybus PROFINET to .NET gateway - Anybus® - HMS

The Anybus PROFINET to .NET gateway enables factory-floor data from PROFINET to be presented to .NET applications.

As a .NET programmer, you can get data directly from a PLC system and use this data in applications for statistics, analysis or maintenance. The gateway can be used with a wide range of use cases, from simple transfer of KPI values, advanced messages with structured data types, or ultra-fast transfer of I/O data for “big data.”
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Communicator Gateway - Anybus® - HMS

The Anybus Communicator is a family of protocol converters that connect non-networked devices to all major industrial networks. The Communicator is capable of converting almost any standard or user specific proprietary protocol without the need for any hardware or software changes to your device.

Connecting devices with a serial RS-232/422/485 interface

Connect your non-networked device to any major fieldbus or industrial Ethernet networks with the Anybus Communicator. The Communicator performs an intelligent conversion between the serial protocol of the automation device and the chosen industrial network.

For industrial devices with a serial RS-232/422/485 interface, HMS makes it possible to configure almost any Produce/Consume, Request/Response or simple ASCII protocols with its flexible serial frame building method contained within the included "Anybus Configuration Manager".
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Gateway M-Bus Modbus TCP/IP - Anybus® - HMS

The Anybus M-Bus to Modbus TCP gateway decodes M-Bus telegrams for easy overview and mapping of meter values. You can connect up to 20 M-Bus slaves and enable them to communicate on a Modbus-TCP network.

You can also connect your M-Bus devices to any other industrial network by pairing the M-Bus gateway with an Anybus X-gateway for Modbus-TCP.
This easy-to-use gateway creates a connection from Modbus-TCP to any other industrial network.
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Industrial network to industrial network X - gateway - Anybus® - HMS

Certified and proven industrial gateway family connecting almost any two industrial networks. Over 200 versions available, all very easy to configure and install. No extra programming required!

Connecting Industrial Networks and PLC worlds 

The Anybus® X-gateway family is a product line consisting of over 200 different products aimed to connect almost every possible combination of two industrial networks. The product family supports 17 different fieldbus networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen and CC-Link as well as industrial Ethernet versions supporting Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP and EtherCAT. The X-gateways are designed for use in industrial automation plants where increasingly many different networks are used. The X-gateways help system integrators to easily inter-connect any two networks, enabling consistent information flow throughout the entire plant. 
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Industrial network to industrial network X-Gateway Modbus-TCP - Anybus® - HMS

Connect Modbus TCP to nine different industrial networks. New design and a web-based configuration tool speeds up installation and gets you up and running in no time. 

The Anybus® X-gateway for Modbus-TCP makes it possible to connect Modbus-TCP devices to almost any other PLC system

The X-gateway provides Modbus-TCP client (master) connectivity to all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks and is easily configured and installed. No programming required! 
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Protocol converters Anybus® SG-Gateway - HMS

New IoT gateways from HMS allow industrial equipment to communicate with power grids. The Anybus SG-gateway family is designed for Smart Grid communication and specifically target Demand Response (networking of industrial electric loads) and Virtual Power Plants (networking of energy resources like biogas plants or combined heat and power units) applications.
All the Anybus SG-gateways support the communication protocols used in the energy sector, e.g. IEC60870-5-104, DNP3 and IEC61850s. In addition they also include Modbus TCP Client/Server and Modbus RTU Master/Slave functionality.
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