Compact turbine wheel flow meter DRS - Kobold

Due to their compact design, the sturdy flow meters of the DRS type from Kobold, can be used even if little space is available.
The measurement method, which uses a sapphire-supported turbine wheel and is suitable for liquid media, is extremely low-wear, since the revolutions are sensed in a non-contact manner by magnets from outside. Based on the high repeatability of 0.1% of full-scale, this reliable measuring device with long term stability is highly qualified for batching tasks.

Flow meter DTK for small quantities - Kobold

Inspired measurement technology for small volume flow.
With its new DTK impeller flow gauge for small quantities, Kobold-Messring GmbH offers a new versatile, efficient and very economic piece of equipment. This gauge was specially developed for use in low viscosity liquids. It’s very compact construction means it can be used in machines with restricted space as well as in industrial systems.
A special advantage of this gauge is its long term stability and robust construction.
In the DTK flow gauge the medium flows through a specially formed flow casing thus causing the impeller to rotate. Two magnets on the impeller generate electrical impulses in a Hall sensor. The frequency emitted by the electronics is then directly proportionate to the flow velocity.
Downline electronics can use these signals for measuring, monitoring and dosing.

Flow meter type DRH - kobold

The rotating vane flow meter type DRH from Kobold can measure flow rates of liquids of low viscosity – and even non-conducting liquids. Thanks to the extensive expertise and experience of Kobold in the field of industrial metrology and a comprehensive selection of specifications, excellent solutions can be provided for a whole range of tasks.
The ten measuring ranges extend from 0.2–0.8 l/min to 2.5–50 l/min. Seven different material combinations for case, cover and seal also provide suitable solutions for problematic media. 
The brass and stainless steel models can operate at up to 100 bar service pressure and at a maximum temperature of 80°C. 
The rotating vane flow meter DRH is ideally suited for service in refrigeration technology, in mechanical engineering and in printed-circuit board manufacturing.
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