Mobile hand-held scanners ZS36x8 PM - SICK

Reliable DPM code identification for challenging industrial applications.

The ZS36x8 DPM mobile hand-held scanner very quickly detects any code, whether 1D, 2D or DPM code. Size of the code, surface, contrast or density play almost no role. The ZS36x8 DPM also masters demanding marks such as needle embossing, laser etching, inkjet, chemical etching, inkjet casting, impressions and thermal coatings. But the same mobile hand-held scanner can also capture bar codes on labels under virtually any condition – including labels that are damaged, dirty, printed in poor quality or shrink-wrapped. That means the ZS36x8 DPM can be used absolutely anywhere: you get a mobile hand-held scanner that you can use on the production line for comprehensive tracking of materials and in the warehouse from goods receiving to shipping.

Portable barcode readers - SICK

Data has to be recorded quickly and flexibly in almost all industries. Today, no other product does this work better than barcode scanners.

Portable barcode readers from SICK perform first-class work because without automatic scanners everything would have to be read off and registered manually. This takes too long and is susceptible to errors. When hand-held scanners are used as an interface for fully developed auto-identification solutions, data is recorded in seconds and reading errors are as good as impossible. It makes life easier for employees, processes are accelerated and sources of error are eliminated – in all departments of your industry.

Portable Barcode Readers IDM160 - SICK

The IDM160 offers high performance barcode reading with its rugged, industrial, and ergonomic housing.

The IP65 enclosure rating ensures protection against dust and water jets. It can withstand 50 drops from 2 m on concrete. Its ergonomic design and low weight as well as quick integration in common industrial networks guarantee maximum user comfort. Thanks to Bluetooth and WLAN version, flexibility and mobility is guaranteed. 
IDM160 series is the ideal choice to increase productivity within industrial factory and logistics automation applications. 
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