Magnetic sensors MME - SICK

Magnetic proximity sensors, from SICK, in common M8, M12, and M18 cylindrical housing.
MM magnetic proximity sensors provide long sensing ranges that can reliably detect magnetic objects.
Magnetic proximity sensors, from SICK, are resistant to dust, heat, vibrations and other harsh environments. The MM magnetic sensors are enclosed in a cylindrical housing and are available in sizes MM08, MM12 and MM18.

Magnetic sensors MQB - SICK

The MQB magnetic proximity sensors from SICK reliably detect permanent magnets through non-magnetic materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or wood.
The MQB sensors from SICK, feature a square, compact plastic housing that makes them easy to install. These sensors are resistant to dust, heat and vibration, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

Sensor for magnetic line guidance MLS – Sick

The MLS is a magnetic line guidance sensor for navigating automated guided vehicles and carts. Navigation is done by aligning the sensor to the center of the magnetic line. Sensor positions are transmitted to the vehicle control via a CANopen interface.

The sensor reliably differentiates between up to three lines. The vehicle can therefore maneuver through branches and line junctions with no problem. When selecting the magnetic band and the installation height, the MLS allows for a lot of freedom and is available in various variants with different detection ranges. This enables high flexibility when it comes to design and retrofitting. Magnetic marks for additional vehicle commands can be attached to the side next to the line.
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