Modular PLC MELSEC Série L - Mitsubishi Electric

The MELSEC-L Series will innovate and evolve your production site.
Its site perspective achieves excellent ease-of-use.

The MELSEC-L Series has been designed based on a passion for monozukuri (creation), trustworthy technology and reliability. This concept also applies to system installation and operation.

With various I/O functions as standard inclusions, the MELSEC-L Series serves to improve work efficiency by realizing convenience, ease-of-use, and diverse control.

Modular PLC – PLC control – Mitsubishi Electric

Reliable control when you need it most!

The modular concept
Building on its predecessor, the AnSH, System Q is a control concept that allows users to mix and select the best combination of CPUs, communication devices, specialist control modules and discreet I/O on a back- plane. This allows users to configure systems into what they need, when they need it, where they need it.

Multiple capabilities
Basic and advanced PLC CPUs, specialist motion and process controllers and even PCs can be combined into a single System Q solution with up to four different CPUs. This gives users a choice of control philosophies, programming concepts and programming languages – all from a single platform.

Profibus DP Master Card - L Series - Mitsubishi Electric

The new PROFIBUS DP master card creates a world of possibilities for Mitsubishi Electric L-Series PLCs.
It is still one of the most popular field networks in Europe, used in many industries, being the most successful fieldbus in the world with 43.8 million devices installed.

The Profibus network is one of the most used automation networks in Europe.
With a wide range of equipment compatible with this network and available in the market and already installed in the industry, the L series PLCs from Mitsubishi Electric are able to integrate any new or already installed automation system, when connecting in a communication network Fast and robust.

Programmable controllers MELSEC iQ-R Series – Mitsubishi Electric

The core for next-generation automation environment.

To succeed in highly competitive markets, it's important to build automation systems that ensure high productivity and consistent product quality.
The MELSEC iQ-R Series, from Mitsubishi Electric, has been developed from the ground up based on common problems faced by customers and rationalizing them into seven key areas: Productivity, Engineering, Maintenance, Quality, Connectivity, Security and Compatibility.
MELSEC iQ-R, from Mitsubishi Electric, is taking a three-point approach to solving these problems: Reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), increasing Reliability and Reuse of existing assets.
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