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Industrial Automation

Absolute servo motor - MR-JET Mitsubishi Electric

High performance servo motor system.
Easy to use, for all machines and environmentally friendly.

The MR-JET family uses advanced features such as one-touch auto-adjustment, vibration suppression and machine diagnostic functions. All these features are integrated into an easy-to-use servo motor solution.
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The MR-JET from Mitsubishi Electric is a high-performance servo amplifier and servo motor system. Combining high reliability with a high frequency response and power saving design, these systems offer the best performance in their class with an easy installation. Fully compatible with most global standards and ready for deployment worldwide, the MR-JET series is the servo solution for all types of machines and applications.
This range has improved the present MR-JE range, giving it an optimized performance, greater flexibility in the integration and more intuitive in the configuration of systems, being able to reduce the typology of stocks, and extremely compact, with a greater capacity of diagnosis compared to its predecessor.

The new MR-JET range incorporates 2 versions of equipment that are distinguished by the innovative and fastest communication protocols on the market, the CC-Link IE TSN networks and the EtherCAT network.


 Thecnical features


 Power supply

 1X230 VAC

 Motor range

 0.1 kW - 3 kW


 (G) CC-Link IE TSN
 (G-N1) EtherCAT



 Encoder resolution


 Enviromental Protection


  • Control and auto tuning functions;
  • Large range of servo motors;
  • Variety of drives and flexibility in the choice of motors;
  • Efficient suppression of low frequency vibrations;
  • 22-bit encoder (4.194.304 pulses per revolution);
  • Software configurator MR Configurator 2, easy to use
  • Easy monitoring and maintenance;
  • Global standards.

  • Aplications: Positioning and Manipulation;
  • Industry: Packaging, Food and Beverage, Stone cutting, Metal conformation and Conveyor systems.

  F.Fonseca is the representative of Mitsubishi Electric in Portugal.
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