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ADT273Ex pressure calibrator – Additel

The ADT273Ex is the new all-in-one portable pressure calibrator for intrinsically safe environments. 
With a color touchscreen, smartphone like interface, built-in quick test tasks and optional HART communication capability, the ADT273Ex exponentially improves field test and calibration of pressure equipment in Ex environments.

It is approved and certified to ATEX, IECEX, CSA and UKCA standards. The explosive-proof level is Ex IIC T4 Ga.
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It can be used in potentially explosive gas environments such as oil and gas platforms, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical industry, power and gas processing industries.

The internal atmospheric pressure sensor allows measurement of relative and absolute pressure. It has three pressure module inputs, one switchable on the bottom and two digital on the side, allowing the user to change the calibrator configuration and easily meet most calibration and testing needs in virtually any environment.

The advanced transflective color touch display allows perfect data visualization even in direct sunlight, thus achieving a refreshing and intuitive user experience when compared to other competing equipment.

The ADT273Ex is a very portable tool, it accurately measures pressure with a switchable field pressure sensor and can also read current and mV produced by the transducers. It can also loop power transmitters during calibration.
The versatility of this calibrator is increased with the use of test applications incorporated by Additel.
  • Pressure type: relative, absolute, differential, atmospheric;
  • Accuracy: 0.02%, 0.05% FS;
  • Range: vacuum to 4200 bar;
  • All models with relative and absolute pressure measurement;
  • Internal barometric sensor;
  • Reading of mA, V and Loop 24V supply;
  • Color touchscreen display;
  • Intuitive smartphone-like interface;
  • Bluetooth and USB-C;
  • Full HART (optional);
  • Communicates with Additel Link mobile application.
  • Reference level accuracies;
  • Built-in quick test tasks;
  • Greater possibility for pressure measurements;
  • Switching sensors in the field;
  • Display with excellent visibility, even under direct sunlight.
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants;
  • Oil and gas platforms;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Power and gas processing;
  • Refineries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Additel in Portugal.
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