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Cable drag chains EVOCHAIN® - Murrplastik

Murrplastik has developed the EVOLINE® concept. A unique and harmonized approach that integrates cable drag chains from the EVOCHAIN® series and flexible cables from the EVOCABLE® series. Together, to improve installation time and service life.

The EVOCHAIN® series combine the latest developments and proved qualities of previous energy chains. The available variants are predestined for long and gliding travel distances
with high dynamics and workload. These intelligent and powerful system solutions are outstanding in what concerns easy of assembly, durability and noise reduction.
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Alongside these developments, Murrplastik is also concerned with a cable-friendly system, achieving a reduction of wear on cables and conduits due to extremely smooth surfaces of the interior and rounded edges of the separators.

The cable for itself is another important piece of the puzzle. Murrplastik has a specially developed series of cables under the name EVOCABLE®. The abrasion-resistant, durable EVOCABLE® series is available in three quality levels: SD, HD and HDplus for different levels of stress. Designed by Murrplastik and prepared to support from 3 to 15 million bending cycles verified with millions of practical tests.
The right cable with the right drag chain will make the difference.
  • Crossbar lock system on the inside and outside bend;
  • Shelf support system hinged on both sides;
  • Gliding shoe with wear control system;
  • Side links with tongue and groove technology.
  • Easy to assemble with the crossbar lock system;
  • Fast tool-free opening and closing of the shelving system in the inside and outside bend;
  • Extremely durable noise damping system in the chain link;
  • Quiet and low-vibration unrolling with specially developed damping shoes;
  • Greatly extended service life with the gliding shoe with integrated wear control indicator;
  • Particularly high service life for applications with lateral acceleration.
  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrplastik in Portugal.
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