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Dry well calibrator ADT875-155 - Additel

The ADT875-155 is the new dry block calibrator from Additel. With this calibrator Additel enters in the temperature calibration world. It combines excellent stability, radial and axial uniformity, quickly. With the PC option we add the 3-channel temperature reading capabilities with a process calibrator.

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The calibrator has a range of use of -40 to 155ºC, resolution of 0,01ºC, precision of ± 0,18ºC and stability of ± 0,01ºC in full scale. The Process Calibrator (PC) option combines the many functions of a HART Process Calibrator with a Temperature Calibrator. With this option we have the ability to read a reference RTD plus 2 channels of signal mA, V, switch, RTD or thermocouple. In addition, the calibrator allows you to create tasks and HART communication. Let’s you capture screen images for future needs with the one touch of a button. Using a reference RTD it is possible to control the calibrator by the reference probe or the internal probe.
Calibration tasks can be programmed and recorded to facilitate the field calibration work, and the calibrator can be controlled remotely.

  • Portable, robust and fast;
  • High level performance in stability, uniformity, precision and load effect;
  • Dual zone control;
  • Color touch screen;
  • Automatic tasks;
  • Data-logging;
  • Set-point control by reference;
  • Remote control;
  • Self calibration.
  • Faster results;
  • Calibrator remote control by wi-fi;
  • Free software to access calibration data.
  • Calibration laboratories;
  • Industrial maintenence;
  • Quality and Industry.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Additel in Portugal.
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