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Industrial Automation

Compact automaton MELSEC FX5UJ – Mitsubishi Electric

FX5UJ series was developed with a performance similar to the FX5U series PLC, designed for simple applications. Its compact size and an affordable price, open up new perspectives within industrial automation.

With integrated functions, such as high speed counters, pulse outputs for high performance positioning tasks, Ethernet interface.
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The FX5UJ series is equipped with an SD card slot, which allows production data to be recorded and processed quickly and easily. The base units are equipped with innovative processors and are designed for international use, with expansion capabilities, by I / O modules and communication or positioning modules, this automation is based on the CC-Link IE Field Basic communication protocol.
The FX5UJ, a model with unique characteristics, was designed to replace the FX3G series, which despite needing a software conversion, is 100% compatible with a new GXWorks3 configuration tool, allowing an update of the systems and their functionalities.
Nº Input / Output 16/32/48/64/80/128 24/40/60
Control points Total of 256 points
(128 I/O points + 128 remote I/O points)
Total of 256 points
(256 I/O points + 256 remote I/O points)
Program capacity 32k steps 48k steps
Power supply 24 DC
24 DC
1 Output type MR – Relay output / MT – Transistor output MR – Relay output / MT – Transistor output
Operation speed LD: 0.21 μs
MOV: 0.42 μs
LD: 0.034 μs
MOV: 0.034 μs
Built-in connection RS422 / USB Ethernet / USB
Expansion modules I/O Digital / Analog / Temperature Digital / Analog / Temperature
Network CClink / Modbus RTU CClink / Modbus TCP / CC link IE Field Basic / Ethernet IP
Communication RS232 / RS485/ RS422 RS232 / RS485 / RS422
Special modules Counter / Positioning Counter / Positioning

1 MR - Relay / MT output - Transistor / S-sim output
  • Processing speed;
  • High speed inputs and outputs;
  • Analog inputs and outputs;
  • Ethernet;
  • Motion functions;
  • Compatibility; 
  • Security functions.
  • Any industry.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Mitsubishi Electric in Portugal.
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