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Process, Instrumentation & Environment

Dataloggers – Testo 184

The black box to securely transport goods in the pharmaceutical, food and Hospital areas.
Monitoring temperature, humidity and vibration in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations is essential for transporting delicate goods.
Whether working with food or drugs, both types of products have certain needs of refrigeration during transport and under no circumstances the cold chain can be stopped between the manufacturer and the consumer. Otherwise, you may affect the quality, produce financial losses or even serious damage to the health of consumers or patients.
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The datalogger testo 184 allows you to supervise every step of the traveling cold chain with the goods and overseeing the temperatures during transportation of sensitive goods, whether rail, air or road.
At the destination, you can easily check if all defined thresholds have been met. For detailed information, simply connect the recorder to a computer and the register will automatically generate a PDF report with all relevant data.

To work more conveniently and efficiently the dataloggers save all files and information required directly in the corresponding logger like: configuration file, calibration certificate (for testo 184 T1 only - T4), PDF manual and report measurement data recorded.
  • Possibility of setting alarms;
  • Visualization display or LED;
  • Protection: IP30 or IP67;
  • Resolution: 0.1 ° C;
  • Automatic report generation in PDF;
  • With calibration certificate.
  • Setup is very easy because there is a configuration file for each logger to individually program them so no need of transfers, installation or interface and no extra expenses;
  • When connecting the data logger testo 184 to a computer USB interface, you automatically create a PDF report with information on the shipping that makes it faster and very intuitive;
  • There are some disposable models for use in transport in one direction only that the recipient will not reuse the logger and the sender does not have the worry of getting it back.
  • Supervision of the temperature, humidity and vibration during transport of food, pharmaceutical or hospital goods.

F.Fonseca is distributor of Testo in Portugal.
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