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Presence detector IR Quattro HD DALI plus – Steinel

The gateway to intelligent lighting control. Intelligent infrared presence detector IR Quattro HD DALI plus with a wide range of additional functions, ideal for classrooms, open-plan offices and multi-storey car parks, mounting height up to 10 m, with three lighting channels (DALI addressable) for up to 64 luminaires, easily set up via app. Additional floating relay, constant-lighting control and variable light-level functions, button interface for all 3 lighting channels for controlling and dimming the floating relay (lighting mode), remotely controllable via Smart Remote.
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Whether classroom, open-plan office or one-person office. Our IR Quattro HD DALI plus presence detector is the simple way to getting effective results. The lighting control module fitted in the load section makes installation both fast and easy. Using the Smart Remote, you can control up to 64 luminaires via 3 lighting channels by app (DALI addressable). For example, it also has an additional, floating relay for standby minimisation or connected lighting groups. 4,800 switching zones and a square detection footprint with a presence zone covering a true 64 m² leave no margin whatsoever for inadvertent triggering and blind spots. Unique: The presence zone can be mechanically scaled without the slightest loss of quality and, mounted at a height of 2 to 10 metres, can also be used wherever you want. With its extended user-friendly functions, such as neighbouring-light function, basic light level and ECO-ON mode, it is the ideal solution for anyone wishing to plan and install intelligent lighting with just a few components.


In-ceiling installation EAN 4007841035204 | Surface wiring EAN 4007841035273
IR Quattro HD DALI plus DE 035204
IR Quattro HD DALI plus 035273
Dimensions (H x W x D) 120 x 120 x 119 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D) AP 120 x 120 x 65 mm
Sensor type passive infrared
Installation indoors/ceiling
Recommended installation height 2.5 - 10 m
Square presence detection zone max. 8 x 8 m (64 m²)
Square detection zone, radial max. 8 x 8 m (64 m²)
Square detection zone, tangential max. 20 x 20 m (400 m²)
Reach mechanically adjustable yes
Sensor system 13 detection levels, 4800 switching zones
Parallel-connected configurations master/master, master/slave
User-friendly setting teach-In (with optional remote control RC8)
Twilight setting 10 – 1000 lx, ∞/daylight
IP rating IP20
IP rating with AP Box (from accessories) IP54
Enclosure UV-resistant, paintable

  • Unique square-shaped detection zone;
  • Unparalleled mechanical scalability of reach;
  • Master-master/master-slave systems;
  • Can be remotely controlled;
  • Concealed, surface and ceiling mounting;
  • Compatible with all common recessed boxes.
  • Classrooms and lecture theatres;
  • Conference and meeting rooms;
  • Large-size offices;
  • Sports halls;
  • Warehouses.

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