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Fiber optic contrast sensors KTL180 – SICK

The KTL180 reliably detects contrast differences even at high machine speeds. Thanks to its 31.2 kHz switching frequency, a high grayscale resolution and manual switching threshold adjustment, the KTL180 makes for safe object detection.
The response time of 16 µs ensures stable and accurate detection of contrast differences, for example with print marks, even for high-gloss materials. The sensor can be quickly adjusted to the respective application with the 7-segment display and easy menu guidance. Various teach-in processes as well as an integrated job save increase the flexibility during commissioning in a large range of applications - with very high process stability.
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  • 31.2 kHz switching frequency at a response time of 16 µs;
  • High dynamic range;
  • Multi-functional 7-segment display;
  • Job save for easy format change;
  • 1-point, 2-point and dynamic teach-in;
  • Master-slave function;
  • A wide range of different fibers.
  • Very high switching accuracy: 31.2 kHz switching frequency for use in ongoing machine processes;
  • Easy sensor handling: Multi-functional display enables flexible, user-friendly sensor settings;
  • Safe detection and safe processes: Detection of very small contrast differences and high-gloss materials thanks to high grayscale resolution and manual switching threshold adjustment;
  • Versatile use: Different teach-in operations for ideal sensor settings in different applications;
  • Fast format change thanks to job save;
  • Compact design for use with limited installation space.
  • Any and all industry, regardless of the activity sector, where the space for sensor installation is reduced.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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