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Industrial Automation

FR-A800 speed variable drive – Mitsubishi Electric

Maximum performance in both machines and factories!
These ultramodern units were especially developed to be integrated in factories and machines, at maximum performance, where the increase of efficiency and productivity are guaranteed. The FR-A800 variable drives are easily programable and offer numerous communication networks.

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The FR-A800 series is the result of the development of its successful predecessor, the FR-A700 series.
The FR-A800 is in accordance to the international norms and standards, and comes equipped with the most recent security features.
With the speed variable drives from the FR-A800 series, Mitsubishi Electric presents its most recent drive technology, with a range of potencies that extends from 0,75KW up to a maximum of 1000KW. It allows them to function with standard asynchronous motors and IPM / SPM motors.

This series comes with a USB port for easy programming and configuration, as well as data logging functionality. It is also fully integrated into Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ programming environment. The integrated operator panel with multi-text display, allows for an easy and intuitive operation of the settings.
With a true “sensorless” vectorial control, this series allows for maximum speed and torque quality up to a frequency of 400Hz. It has an overload capacity of 250% during the start-up phase, which allows for a sustainable ramp up, especially under harsh working conditions.
Four types of settings for overload control offer a total control of the factory, while three additional slots extend the range of possible applications. The FR-A800 comes with security features up to PLe/SIL3, which allows for either simple emergency stops or complex and high-risk situations. The new drive series has a total of eleven network options, including CC -Link, SSCNET, Profibus -DP, Profinet, Ethernet / IP, EtherCAT, LonWorks and Modbus RTU, allowing its application across the world.
It’s fully compatible with the FR-A700 series, with the assurance that its components can be replaced easily and with total safety.
  • Pure “sensorless” vectorial control, allows for maximum speed and torque quality up to 400Hz;
  • Overload capacity of 250% during the start-up phase.
  • Safety: integrates safety functions up to PLe/SIL3;
  • Flexibility: 0.75KW up to a maximum of 1000KW, positioning charts and PLC;
  • Connectivity: Eleven network options available, including CC-Link, SSCNET-III/H, Profibus -DP, Profinet, Ethernet / IP, EtherCAT, LonWorks and Modbus RTU;
  • Energy: Integrates energy saving functions.
  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Mitsubishi Electric in Portugal.
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