Frequency inverters

Advanced vectorial drive FR-E800 – Mitsubishi Electric

FR-E800 the compact high performance variable speed drive!

In order to replace the legendary FR-E700 series of drives, Mitsubishi Electric introduces the new FR- E800 series, ultra-compact and very easy to install.
A versatile series, compatible with the most varied industrial communication protocols on the market!

The drive has some improvements, such as the integration of 2 RJ45 ports that allow for a simpler type of installation, integrated PLC, high power performance at low speeds, with expansion options including FR-A800 and FR-F800 series.


FR-A800 speed variable drive – Mitsubishi Electric

Maximum performance in both machines and factories!
These ultramodern units were especially developed to be integrated in factories and machines, at maximum performance, where the increase of efficiency and productivity are guaranteed. The FR-A800 variable drives are easily programable and offer numerous communication networks.


Frequency inverter FR-F800 - Mitsubishi Electric

The FR-F800 inverter from Mitsubishi Electric brings even more reliability, intelligence and cost savings to pumps, fans and compressors.
False alarms and trips to unnecessary maintenance work due to disconnected pumps and fans are increasingly unacceptable as the industry drives for greater efficiency and operational readiness. The new FR-F800 drive provides a smart solution to this emerging need and represents the next generation of speed drives for pumps, fans and compressors.

The intrinsically intelligent FR-F800 inverter, from Mitsubishi Electric, virtually eliminates unnecessary maintenance travel, makes commissioning easier and can achieve 98% energy efficiency. It includes advanced features for specific applications such as waste water processing, compressors and HVAC (hot air ventilation and air conditioning).

Frequency inverters FR-CS80 - Mitsubishi Electric

FR-CS80 the most compact inverter from Mitsubihsi Electric!
Mitsubishi Electric presents the new ultra-compact FR-CS80 series, which is very easy to install, with high performance, ultra-compact design and extremely competitive.

Mitsubishi's new FR-CS80 drive has now emerged to complement the existing range of inverters. This inverter comes to compete in a more competitive way in the range of compact inverters, offering an excellent performance in a very compact body.

Frequency inverters FR-D700 - Mitsubishi Electric

The micro-drive solution!
Simple and safe operability, compact design as well as improved performance features were the focus during the development of the new Mitsubishi FR-D700 frequency inverter. A drive was created that set new standards in the field of compact drives.

Failure safety with self-diagnostics
This inverter actively monitors its own functional safety. If, for example, the fan rpm decreases to 50 %, a pre-alarm is triggered. An internal measuring program monitors the ageing of the capacitors and an operating hours counter enables the operator to plan the best time for servicing. Protection and overload functions like the phase failure monitoring system for both the input and output circuits ensure trouble-free operation.
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