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In module - INP04 - Qbus

Module for connecting external contacts such as regular switches and push buttons, solar/wind detector, motion detector, smoke detectors,…

On the INP04, 4 potential free contacts and 4 low current LEDs (2mA without serial resistor) can be connected. The maximum length of the conductor between the INP04 and the potential free input is 20 meters. The cable type or its section is irrelevant.
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The input contacts can be selected and set using the Qbus configuration software:
  • Push button = button that is open when inactive – only active when pushed shortly (e.g. doorbell);
  • Normal open = contact that is open when inactive;
  • Normal closed = contact that is closed when inactive;
  • Switch = when a single-pole conventional switch is connected to the input;
  • An INP04 can control 4 outputs, 4 scenes or 4 x 16 scenes (via the sequence function);
  • The four low-current LEDs that can be connected to INP04 show the status of the mode that has been selected (push button, normal open, normal close, switch);
  • The INP04 is connected on the bus, and gets its power from the bus.
  • Power supply : bus;
  • Characteristic consumption : 2.3VA;
  • Working temp. range : 10°C to 50°C;
  • Storage temp. range : -10°C to 60°C;
  • Maximum humidity : 93%, no moisture condensation;
  • Bus load without LEDs: 8mA, with all LEDs on 10Ma;
  • Max installation altitude : 2.000m.
  • Reduced dimensions;
  • Configurable inputs;
  • LED feedback for output status;
  • Power supply: low voltage.
  • Electrical installers, construction companies, Electrical design offices.
F.Fonseca is the representative of Qbus in Portugal.

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