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Magnetic sensor for C-slot cylinders MZCG - Sick

The Sick´s MZCG magnetic cylinder sensor detects the piston position in pneumatic grippers and pneumatic miniature cylinders. Thanks to its very small design, the MZCG is particularly well-suited for the C-slots of very small pneumatic actuators such as are used in handling and assembly, robotics or the electronics industry.
The sensor is simply inserted in the C-slot and can be quickly and safely fastened on the cylinder. The MZCG fits in a wide range of C-slots of various manufacturers due to its universal housing design. This reduces storage costs, enables flexible machine design and easier service.
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  • Extremely small housing (12.2 mm) for applications in pneumatic grippers and miniature cylinders;
  • Fits in all commonly-used C-slots, e.g. from Schunk, Zimmer, Festo or SMC;
  • Short, precise switching point, ideal for applications with small stroke;
  • Cable suitable for drag chain;
  • LED for indicating the output state;
  • IP68 enclosure rating.
  • Extremely small housing saves installation space, thereby increasing efficiency of the system;
  • Shorter switching point optimized for gripper applications increases process efficiency due to higher PSDI times;
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications: It fits into all standard C-slots, regardless of the cylinder profile or make;
  • Reduced storage costs, flexible machine design and easier service;
  • Inserting the sensor into the slot is quick and easy;
  • The rugged mounting holds the sensor in the required position, even when exposed to shock and vibration, and increases the reliability.
  • Open-close position detection in pneumatic grippers;
  • End position detection in pneumatic miniature cylinders.
  • Electronics;
  • Handling and assembly (e.g. small part assembly);
  • Robotics;
  • Packaging.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Sick in Portugal.
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