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Measuring wheel encoders MWS120 - SICK

Precise measurement of linear movements with adjustable contact pressure.
The MWS120 is a measurement systems which detects linear movements directly and reliably.
With a spring travel of 10 mm and the contract pressure with easy manual adjustment, movements of the measurement surface can be compensated for vertical to the measurement direction.
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This enables precise measurement while ensuring gentle contact with the measurement surface. Changing to the maintenance position is also done easily and securely by hand. This makes it possible to do maintenance work is a short amount of time. Thanks to the smart design and an axle spacing of only 120 mm, the MWS120 can be integrated optimally into the application. A large selection of different encoders and interfaces as well as measuring wheels with different surfaces and diameters offers individual solutions.
  • Contact pressure can be adjusted manually from 0-24 N in 6 steps;
  • Compact axle spacing (120 mm) for flexible installation options;
  • Maintenance position can be reached manually;
  • Selection of various measuring wheel surfaces and diameters;
  • Incremental or absolute encoder interfaces can be combined.
  • Finely-adjustable contract pressure enables high process quality and process reliability on various surfaces;
  • Each linear measuring task can be optimally solved due to different measuring wheel surfaces and adjustable contact pressure;
  • Customized combinations possible thanks to a wide selection of encoders, interfaces and measuring wheels;
  • Smart design for easy integration into the application and control environment;
  • Time-saving thanks to easy integration and quick commissioning;
  • Contact pressure and maintenance position can be adjusted without tools.
  • Conveyor belt systems;
  • Direct measurement of the position, speed and path of linear movements, e.g. with endless material;
  • Laser and inkjet printers for labels, packaging and bottles;
  • Material handling;
  • Packaging machines;
  • Process control, e.g. for cutting processes;
  • Volume and weighing systems;
  • Wood industry.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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