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Pressure transmitter DELOS HP - Jumo

The DELOS HP is Jumo’s precision pressure transmitter with switching contacts and display.
The DELOS HP high-precision electronic pressure switch with analogue output is predestined for use on test benches, with laboratory equipment, and for construction of special machines. These areas frequently demand precise measurement and a configuration adapted to the measurement task.

The stainless steel sensor welded to the process connection features a high burst safety, which is in part as much as 5x the measuring range. Consequently, the plant is reliably protected against medium leaks in the event of a malfunction.
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Default nominal measuring ranges of 160 and 600bar are available. These can be rescaled with a ratio of 1:4 allowing the user to conduct a variety of measurement tasks with only a single measuring device. Depending on the application, the following output versions are available: 1x PNP, or 2x PNP switching outputs, or 1x PNP switching output and an analogue output signal. The process pressure is visualized by a large and positively-lit LCD display.

Configuration is easy to perform either on the device itself or via the easy-to-use setup program. For enhanced legibility, the case can be rotated by +/-160° and the display can be mirror-imaged by 180° during installation. The JUMO DELOS HP also features an auto-zero function for subsequent zero point adjustment.
  • Linearity 0.1%;
  • Measuring range scaling 1:4;
  • Large, vibrant display;
  • Easy configuration on the device or using the setup program;
  • Available with flush-mounted process connection;
  • Measurement units can be selected;
  • Range from 160 and 600bar;
  • Redefinition of the range with ratio of 1: 4.
  • High level of safety against leakage;
  • Any installation position possible with rotatable case (±160°);
  • Easy to configure.
  • Hydraulic plants;
  • Laboratory equipment;
  • Machine and plant engineering;
  • Test benches.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Jumo in Portugal.
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