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Distance measurement sensors OD2000 - SICK

Efficient all-rounder for precise distance measurements.
SICK compact OD2000 displacement measurement sensor is a very economical stand-alone solution for accurate distance measurement.

The universally applicable sensor is suitable for a wide variety of applications with distances of up to 1,200 mm. Using high-precision triangulation, it detects even the smallest differences in height in the micrometer range. Due to top values in terms of linearity and repeatability as well as a measuring frequency of up to 7.5 kHz, the OD2000 delivers reliable distance data on virtually any surface.
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Thanks to the plug and play concept, the sensor can be integrated very quickly. In addition, configuration via the OLED display on the sensor or via IO-Link interface and software is extremely convenient.
  • Large measuring range of up to 1,200 mm;
  • High measuring frequency of up to 7.5 kHz;
  • OLED display for easy parameterization on the sensor;
  • IO-Link interface for configuration, e.g. with SOPAS;
  • Adjustable analog output (mA/V) and digital output;
  • Laser classes 1 and 2;
  • Stand-alone device – no external amplifier required.
  • Optimizes the process quality due to high repeatability and linearity throughout the entire measuring range;
  • Universally applicable thanks to precise measurement results on virtually any surface, regardless of its texture or color;
  • Reliable distance values in every application thanks to intelligent measured value filters and evaluation algorithms;
  • Very economic solution, even for demanding applications;
  • Simple and convenient configuration via OLED display or software;
  • Quick commissioning thanks to intuitive operating concept;
  • Enables high production throughput thanks to a high measuring frequency.
  • Board and rough edge measurement in the timber industry;
  • Diameter check on spools or coils for unwinding tasks;
  • Double layer detection in metal and paper processing;
  • Positioning tasks in robotic, handling, and mounting processes;
  • Precise positioning for quality inspection processes;
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal. 
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